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Mock Election Results

J7 to S3 pupils and staff had the opportunity to vote in the Hamilton College Mock Election today. The S3...

05 May, 2016

Bronze DofE Training

Last weekend saw our Bronze DofE group continue their training. The pupils worked in their expedition groups...

05 May, 2016

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S1 Abernethy (9-11 May)

S1 Abernethy (9-11 May)

09 May, 2016

DofE Bronze Award - Practice Expedition (14 & 15 May)

DofE Bronze Award - Practice Expedition

14 May, 2016

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School badge

In August 2009 Hamilton College launched its new ‘bird' logo and branding.  These continue to emphasise the words of 2 Peter 3:18 where there is encouragement ‘to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ'.

The cross weaving through the other symbols reminds us that in Hamilton College the Christian faith underpins all we do. 

The bird is based on a sparrow and is a reference to two passages in the Bible which relate to the idea of God's grace. 

The bird also symbolises freedom - the freedom to be yourself.

The circles relates to the idea of eternity - God is always and forever.

There are two circles to represent divine wisdom and human knowledge.

All Artwork - Alan Wilson (Head of Art)