Working as a full-time artist in Glasgow, whilst exhibiting in galleries in the UK and Japan, is a result of being motivated creatively. My creative inspiration finds roots in Hamilton College's art department.

Blair Thomson
Class of 1998


Former Pupils

 “Hamilton College left me with fantastic grades, some amazing memories and lifelong friends”
Katie Cruickshank (Class of 2004)

As part of the Hamilton College community our Former Pupils never really leave the school! We are happy to welcome Former Pupils back for informal visits, careers events, concerts and assemblies. If you are a Former Pupil and would like to get back in touch please click here to find out more.

Leavers Destinations
The majority of our pupils go on to further education, in particular, University education. This year 100% of our S6 leavers will be going onto University.

We are very proud of the achievements of all our former pupils. Below you will see a small selection of the varied career paths our Former Pupils have chosen:

Alanki Wickremasinghe (Class of 2013)                                                                                
Studying Anatomy at the University of Glasgow

Benjamin Nolan (Class of 2010)                                                                                    
Recent Law graduate from University of Glasgow and currently studying for a Masters at Maastricht University in the Netherlands

Andrew Parker (Class of 2009)                                                                                            
Recent graduate with Master of Engineering in Petroleum Engineering

Surabhi Sinha (Class of 2009)                                                                                            
Junior Doctor with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Erin Lee (Class of 2005)                                                                                                            
Archivist with the National Theatre

Megan Lloyd (Class of 2005)                                                                                      
PHD Student in Neuro-rehabilitation

Andrew Russell (Class of 2000)                                                          
Aeronautical Engineer 

Matthew Douglas (Class of 2005)                                                                                            
Flight Lieutenant in the RAF      

Evangeline Downie (Class of 1997)
Nuclear Physicists with the George Washington University, Washington DC

Doreen Ford (nee Munn) (Class of 1990)
Veterinary Surgeon

Barry Clarkson (Class of 1987)
Managing Director of his family business

More of these can be found in our bi-annual newsletter, In Touch 

Careers Events
We hold an annual Careers Event, organised by The Friends of Hamilton College. Over twenty areas of employment were represented at the last event, which covered diverse areas such as accountancy, acting, dentistry, engineering, marketing, NHS, pharmacy and the police. The purpose of such events is to provide Senior School pupils with a chance to hear about the range of career opportunities and the many paths available to achieving career goals.

In addition we welcome, throughout the school year, visits from former pupils and parents who wish to give interactive talks to pupils on a certain career.

During S4, pupils undertake work experience and we are committed to offering a more diverse range of placement opportunities.

If you would like to take part in any of our careers events or offer a work placement, please complete this form or contact

Alumni Society - HCFPs
HCFPs is Hamilton College’s Former Pupil society. The society has been operating informally now for many years, however it will be formally launched in 2015. We welcome all former pupils to join the society and take part in our annual sports events, Ball, concerts and careers events. Please submit your details by clicking here and we will keep you informed of all the developments in the society.

You can also join our Facebook page to keep up-to-date with all the Hamilton College news.