I started in Hamilton College in 2001 in fifth year. Mr Wilson and Mrs Roy in the Art Department were fantastic. I learned so much from both of them and they gave me the confidence to apply for Art School.

Fiona Pender
Class of 2002


Friends of Hamilton College

Friends of Hamilton College is a formal association of parents, staff and friends who have a shared interest in the active support of Hamilton College.

Our aims as set out by our constitution are as follows:

  • To foster a spirit of mutual trust and cooperation in all its activities.
  • To engage in activities which support and advance the education, well being and development of all pupils attending Hamilton College.
  • To enhance the community spirit of Hamilton College through greater social involvement of all connected with the school, including building sustainable relationships with the local community.
  • To undertake any fundraising as deemed appropriate by the Friends of Hamilton College after consultation with the Senior Leadership Team.
  • To play a part in supporting pupils, staff, members of the Senior Leadership Team and Governors in the achievement of the aims and ethos of Hamilton College.

We meet as a whole committee approx 4 times a year and the Steering group, consisting of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and the three representatives on the Governors Committees meets in between. 

The current committee are:

  • Chair - Audrey Mumford
  • Vice Chair - Francesca Aaen
  • Treasurer - Richard Patterson

The Friends have an excellent relationship with the Board of Governors and in recent years The Friends, at the invitation of the Governors, elected one member of its body to sit on each of the three Governors Committees. The Chair was also invited to attend the Board Meetings.

Our main fundraising event of the year is the School Fun Day, which is held in early June, and for any such events we have smaller committees to deal with the organisation.  Anyone is welcome to join these small committees and to dip in and out depending on other commitments and availability of time.

We meet 4 times each year (dates announced in advance) in the school and are joined at each meeting by Mr Taylor and the Senior Leadership Team. We welcome all those interested to join us and if you would like to contact us we can be reached at fohc@hamiltoncollege.co.uk or through the school office.