At Nursery I like painting, watching the bunny rabbits in the garden and helping the teachers. I also like playing dancing games on the games console.

Jodie Graham
Kindergarten 2012


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Mini Commonwealth Games in the Nursery

The Nursery children competed in their own Mini Commonwealth Games this afternoon. Each child represented a...

30 Jul, 2014

Former Pupil Graduates with Prestigious Award

Congratulations to former pupil Benjamin Nolan for being awarded a prestigious prize from the University of...

23 Jul, 2014

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Junior School Staff List





Junior School Vice-Principal Mr Alan Shields
Junior School Head of Department (J5-J7) Mrs Linda Aitken
Junior School Head of Department (J1-J4) Mrs Carol Haire
Nursery Head of Nursery Mrs Julie Caldwell
J1 Teacher Mrs Carol Haire
J2A Teacher Mrs Karen Steel
J2B Teacher Mrs Elissa Leatham
J3A Teacher* Mrs Janet Grey/Mrs Edith Wilson
J3B Teacher Miss Claire McKnight
J4 Teacher Mrs Susan Ogilvie
J5A Teacher Miss Shirley Bell
J5B Teacher Mr Brian Kiernan
J6A Teacher Miss Rona Saunders
J6B Teacher Mrs Ekith Wilson/Mrs Rhona Ruddy
J7A Teacher Mrs Linda Aitken
J7B Teacher* Mrs Lorraine Mackie/Mrs Jane Roy
J7C Teacher Mrs Eleanor Turner
Junior School Management Cover Ms Elaine McCulloch
Junior School Management Cover Mrs Jane Roy
Pupil Support Pupil Support (Learning) Mrs Lynn Dobbie
Pupil Support Pupil Support (Learning) Ms Elaine McCulloch
Junior School Support Assistant Mrs Helen Donald
Junior School Support Assistant Mrs Karen McNiven
Junior School Support Assistant Mrs Beth Cadzow

* Part-time member of staff
+ Staff member with teaching commitments in another department
   Temporary Staff