Working as a full-time artist in Glasgow, whilst exhibiting in galleries in the UK and Japan, is a result of being motivated creatively. My creative inspiration finds roots in Hamilton College's art department.

Blair Thomson
Class of 1998


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CATS School Production: 3 Week To Go!

3 weeks to go! CATS all set to be purrrfect! Rehearsals for CATS are well underway. Approximately 75...

16 Sep, 2014

First Music Lessons

Kirstin Pravinkumar (J4) enjoyed her first violin lesson on Wednesday with Miss Brough, whilst Claudia...

16 Sep, 2014

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Duke of Edinburgh Canoe Practice Expedition

Duke of Edinburgh Canoe Practice Expedition 18/19/20 September 2014

18 Sep, 2014

S1,PS and Form Teachers Evening

S1,PS and Form Teachers Evening 16:30-18:30

24 Sep, 2014

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Senior School Staff List





Art Head of Department Mr Alan Wilson
Art Teacher* Mrs Jane Roy
Biology Head of Department Mrs Shelda Pirie
Biology Teacher* Mrs Eleanor Bell
Biology Teacher Mrs Elizabeth Dunn 
Business Studies/Computing Head of Department*  Mrs Heather Stark 
Business Studies/Computing Teacher  Mr David Browning 
Business Studies/Computing Teacher* Miss Michelle Scott
Chemistry  Head of Department  Mrs Shelda Pirie 
Chemistry  Teacher  Mrs Lorna Tweedie 
English  Head of Department  Mr Derek Hotchkiss 
English  Teacher  Mrs Anne Duncanson
English  Teacher  Mrs Jane Cooke 
English  Teacher  Miss Natalie Reid 
Geography  Teacher  Mr Stuart Jack
Geography Teacher*  Mr Andrew Lang 
History, Modern Studies & Geography  Head of Departments  Mrs Aileen Mackay 
History and Modern Studies  Teacher  Mrs Louise Blackstock 
History and Modern Studies  Teacher  Mrs Maureen Hewitt
Mathematics  Head of Department  Mr Mark Shields
Mathematics  Teacher* Ms Nan Shaw
Mathematics Teacher * Mrs Audrey Paton
Mathematics Teacher Miss Lindsay Brynes
Mathematics Teacher* # Mrs Emma Borthwick
Mathematics Teacher* Mrs Clare Ford
Modern Languages & Classics Head of Department Mr David Summerville
Modern Languages & Classics Teacher Mr Rod McLaren
Modern Languages & Classics Teacher* Mrs Judith Ford
Modern Languages & Classics Teacher* Ms Heike Ulferts
Modern Languages & Classics Teacher (+ Classics) Mr Gordon Leiper
Modern Languages & Classics Teacher (Classics) Mr Colin Caldwell
Music Head of Department Miss Lorna Hardie
Music Teacher* Mrs Christine Robertson
Physical Education Head of Department Mr Scott Borthwick
Physical Education Teacher Mrs Helen Ferry
Physical Education Teacher Mrs Jenifer Lennox
Physics Head of Department Dr Paul Bergin
Physics Teacher Mr Mark Allan
Religious Education Head of Department* Mr Stuart Crawford
Religious Education Teacher Mr Stuart Ross
Technology  Head of Department Mr Andrew Cunningham 

* Part-time member of staff
+ Staff member with teaching commitments in another department

Italics - Temporary Staff

# On Maternity leave for part of