One of the great things about the school is the lasting relationships between staff and pupils. Teachers have a genuine interest in the pupils and this creates a positive environment where every young person is valued.

Jonathan Buwert
Head Boy 2006/2007


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WW1 Connections for S1 Pupil

Benjamin Gibson (S1) travelled to Belgium earlier this month, along with his father and uncle, to attend a...

26 Nov, 2014

Celebrating Book Week

Nursery have been celebrating Book Week this week. A number of activities have been carried out to promote an...

26 Nov, 2014

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Music Masterclass

Music Masterclass 03 December 2015

03 Dec, 2014

Kids Lit Quiz Final

Kids Lit Quiz Final in London 

04 Dec, 2014

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Duke of Edinburgh Roll of Honour

First Name Surname Group Date Approved
Claire Bibby Gold 30/09/2012
Stephen Carey Gold 31/01/2013
Rory Graham Gold 03/01/2013
Gareth Kelly Gold 13/04/2012
Mark Lee Gold 18/11/2011
Christopher Lewis-Laverty Gold 23/11/2011
Kate Louden Gold 06/03/2013
Courtney Ramage O'Connell Gold 03/09/2012
Calum Robertson Gold 27/09/2012
Callum Thomson Gold 03/09/2012
Marianne Watters Gold 13/04/2012
Zoe Wilson Gold 18/11/2011
First Name Surname Group Date Approved
Lucy Begbie Silver 14/09/2012
Emily Breen Silver 24/06/2012
Rachel Brodie Silver 20/06/2012
Mairi Brown Silver 16/12/2010
Jordan Chambers Silver 15/12/2012
Michael Clark Silver 16/11/2012
Catriona Easton Silver 11/11/2010
Scott Garrett Silver 06/01/2011
Jonathan Graham Silver 16/11/2012
David Gray Silver 21/11/2012
Matthew Hamilton Silver 22/11/2012
Chloe Howat Silver 19/06/2012
Apurva Jaltade Silver 16/12/2010
Claire Leslie Silver 11/02/2011
Andrew Logan Silver 16/12/2010
Kate Loudon Silver 23/02/2011
Jennifer MacGregor Silver 25/06/2011
Erin McIntosh Silver 20/09/2012
Kyle Reid Silver 25/06/2012
Christian Richards Silver 10/10/2010
First Name Surname Group Date Approved
Ikkra Akram Bronze 24/06/2012
Ross Anderson Bronze 16/09/2012
Saoirse-Amira Anis Bronze 14/09/2011
Hassan Ashraf Bronze 28/08/2011
Nawaz Aslam Bronze 24/05/2013
Gregor Bell Bronze 05/09/2012
Matthew Bell Bronze 03/09/2012
Joe Brown Bronze 19/09/2011
John Brown Bronze 14/09/2012
John Cahill Bronze 18/09/2012
Katie Carlyle Bronze 09/09/2010
Greg Chambers Bronze 09/06/2011
Louis Dysart Bronze 04/10/2012
Cameron Eusebi Bronze 15/09/2011
Rachael Fossey Bronze 23/08/2011
Emma Grier Bronze 06/10/2011
Megan Guthrie Bronze 24/06/2012
Matthew Habasque Bronze 09/06/2011
Caitlin Hackett Bronze 09/09/2010
Alana Hanlon Bronze 17/10/2010
Max Harvey Bronze 16/02/2011
Aisha Hassan Bronze 24/06/2012
Cameron Hill Bronze 10/10/2011
Christy Houston Bronze 26/10/2012
Euan Hunter Bronze 05/09/2010
Greg Imrie Bronze 09/03/2011
Christen Jack Bronze 24/06/2012
Gregor Johnston Bronze 26/09/2012
Hannah Kerr Bronze 15/09/2011
Brooke Lamont Bronze 04/01/2012
Victoria MacLeod Bronze 24/06/2012
Amy Malloch Bronze 14/09/2011
Joseph McGinty Bronze 30/03/2013
Noel McGinty Bronze 16/09/2012
Susan McWhirter Bronze 15/05/2013
Jan Meinicke Bronze 19/11/2012
Lisa Miller Bronze 19/03/2011
Elizabeth Miller Bronze 23/08/2012
Jody Mulvey Bronze 05/11/2012
Kenzie Nimmo Bronze 14/09/2011
Lisa Noble Bronze 29/08/2012
John Nolan Bronze 15/09/2011
Fraser Rae Bronze 23/08/2012
Julie Roberts Bronze 15/09/2011
Thomas Robertson Bronze 18/11/2012
Callum Ross Bronze 15/05/2013
Ghulam Sarwar Bronze 24/08/2010
Katie Seal Bronze 15/09/2011
Oyvind Sekkesaeter Bronze 15/09/2009
Max Smith Bronze 05/12/2010
Jennifer Sneddon Bronze 05/12/2010
Kate Spalding Bronze 29/08/2012
Rachael Syme Bronze 10/10/2010
Anya Towers Bronze 24/06/2012
Calum Wilson Bronze 24/06/2012
Hannah Wilson Bronze 15/09/2011
Jay Wilson Bronze 16/09/2011