The school gave me amazing opportunities not just to develop academically but also in many other ways. I was able to get involved in lots of music, through individual tuition, playing in the school and WOSIS orchestra both in Scotland and abroad.

Jonathan Buwert
Head Boy 2006/2007


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29 Jan, 2015

Pupils Through to Scottish Swimming Finals

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22 Jan, 2015

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Intermediate 2 Music

There are two routes to certification in the Intermediate 2 Music Course.

 Music with Performing for candidates opting for the Unit: Performing (Intermediate 2)

Candidates choosing this unit will specialise in instrumental or vocal performance. This will be at least at grade 3 level.

Music with Technology for candidates opting for the Unit: Performing with Technology (Intermediate 2)

Candidates choosing this unit will specialise in MIDI PC applications as well as perform on an instrument or voice at Grade 3 level. (min)


 This Course consists of three 40 hour Units.  All candidates must take the two mandatory Units 

  • Music: Composing (Intermediate 2) 1 credit (40 hours)
  • Music: Listening (Intermediate 2) 1 credit (40 hours) 

and one of the following optional Units: 

  • Music: Performing (Intermediate 2) 1 credit (40 hours)
  • Music: Performing with Technology (Intermediate 2) 1 credit (40 hours) 

This course is a natural progression from S2 or as a ‘fall back’ position from Higher.