I started at Hamilton College in 2001 in S2. I found the teachers very encouraging, helpful and always willing to make time for me. I have fond memories of my time at Hamilton College and I met some of my closest friends there.

Fraser Pender
Class of 2005


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J7 Pupil Qualifies for National Championships

Well done to Megan Ruddy (J7) who qualified for the Scottish National Swimming Championships. The competition...

27 Mar, 2015

Hockey Festival

Some of our J5 and J6 pupils took part in Uddingston Hockey Club’s Primary School End of Term Hockey...

26 Mar, 2015

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Berlin Trip Parents' Meeting

Berlin Trip Parents' Meeting 17:15 30 March 2015

30 Mar, 2015

S2 Social Subjects

S2 Social Subjects Edinburgh 31 March 2015

31 Mar, 2015

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Intermediate 2 Music

There are two routes to certification in the Intermediate 2 Music Course.

 Music with Performing for candidates opting for the Unit: Performing (Intermediate 2)

Candidates choosing this unit will specialise in instrumental or vocal performance. This will be at least at grade 3 level.

Music with Technology for candidates opting for the Unit: Performing with Technology (Intermediate 2)

Candidates choosing this unit will specialise in MIDI PC applications as well as perform on an instrument or voice at Grade 3 level. (min)


 This Course consists of three 40 hour Units.  All candidates must take the two mandatory Units 

  • Music: Composing (Intermediate 2) 1 credit (40 hours)
  • Music: Listening (Intermediate 2) 1 credit (40 hours) 

and one of the following optional Units: 

  • Music: Performing (Intermediate 2) 1 credit (40 hours)
  • Music: Performing with Technology (Intermediate 2) 1 credit (40 hours) 

This course is a natural progression from S2 or as a ‘fall back’ position from Higher.